BioRem® HC


BioRem® HC is a natural biological treatment that combats oils, coal tars, fuels, phenols and organic sludges.

BioRem® HC is a non-pathogenic and non-opportunistic Class 1 bacteria as defined by the American Type Culture Collection.

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  • Will reduce Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Benzene, Toulene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene.
  • Will virtually eliminate the high costs and liabilities of pumping and transporting toxic wastes from separators or interceptors.
  • Can bioremediate contaminated soil and water.
  • When used in water will reduce Biochemical Oxygen demand.
  • Will digest long and short chain hydrocarbons into environmentally safe water and carbon dioxide.
  • Can bioremediate sludges and hydrocarbons at the bottom of storage tanks.


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